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I am a freelance designer and artist located in Fort Collins, CO. I am a firm believer in the power of consistency met with spontaneity. Consistency makes a brand trustworthy and professional, and spontaneity makes it memorable and fun. This shapes the way I design and the way I approach every detail of a project.

I am passionate about branding, creative direction, marketing, illustration, and painting. When I’m not working you can usually find me at the dog park with my golden mix, Wilson, or enjoying the outdoors. Email me at and let's work together!


Forge and Bow   |   Guest House   |   Wescover  |  Sunday Supply Co.   |   Of A Kind Collective   |    HEYDAY   |    KNAPSACK  |   Miller Lane Mercantile  |  Brindle Digital Marketing   |   Clancey   |   Mother Moon Modern Apothecary   Seaside Brew |   Colorado Good Ol' Boys   |   Big Toe Fly Co.  |  The Local Honey Co.   |    Satin & Pine    |   Jackie Nunnally Photography   |   FCE Consulting  |  Sabina Parigian   |   Eureka Public Benefit  |  Mobile Wrench Inc.   |  Venu  |   Thrive Whole Health and Yoga   |   NearSpace Launch, Inc.   |   Zoptic, LLC  |  Northern Colorado Younglife  |  Cleveland Auto Enthusiasts, LLC   |  Good Credit Works, LLC


“Lauren’s work is unparalleled. She has a gift of taking the mission of a business and bringing it to life through her designs. Her work has brought so much value to my company and has helped to set us apart as we continue to grow.” -Amy S. | Seaside Brew

“I wanted to find someone who was local and matched my creative aesthetic. From the beginning, Lauren has been that very person to go above and beyond and create a brand that blew away all of my expectations. She needed little direction and created exactly what I wanted, and more! So not only do we have one logo, but we have TWO because I just could not choose.” -Kayla B. | Of a Kind Collective